How We Work

Mars Associates in an office

A unique business with a unique story

All companies are different. But we like to think we’re a bit different than most. You see, as one of the leading privately-owned businesses in the world, we enjoy unusual levels of freedom when it comes to how we operate. It allows us to do business in a free-thinking kind of way. We make it easy for good people to make great products. But we also do something more. What you get here is high levels of responsibility, a variety of possibilities and the opportunity to improve things for everyone else along the way. Discover our unique story.

World’s leading brands

Eleven of our brands are now worth more than $1 billion. And we’re the world’s leader in petcare and confectionery. Our reach extends into more than 180 countries, from offices and factories in 370 locations around the world. You can build on those positions and make what you do mean more for yourself, for those around you and for the wider world we all live in. It’s why your time here can mean more than you ever imagined. Discover our brands.

A business built of Principles

The Five Principles. Everything begins with these. Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, Freedom. They’ve guided our journey for the last 100 years. And because we are privately owned, we can afford to make them mean more than just words on the wall. They’re values that have stood the test of time. And a bridge into the future. Discover how we put our Principles into Action.

We make a difference by putting our Principles in Action. at mars:how we work